Analysis rural electricity supplier is not a false proposition

In fact,

said the rural electricity supplier O2O, you may still have some strange, but in recent years the development of rural electricity providers have indeed made some achievements, such as Taobao village, they are based on the soil is obviously more unemployed at home rural youth. When the city’s resources continue to dig saturated, the rural electricity supplier this emerging market can bring a brilliant ten years to the observer it?

from a rural development perspective, the electricity supplier can not only provide some shopping needs for rural people, more important is the electricity supplier to revitalize rural sales network, let rural sales of agricultural products to a more effective and efficient way to expand, while the electricity supplier will also help rural and Internet connection that will get rid of the past behind the shadow, through multiple levels for rural development, but also by its development brought the overall business progress, this is a gold mine for the electricity supplier can be said that in rural areas it is a development opportunity. Therefore, the double effect of the development of rural electricity supplier is extremely impressive, but also a great driving force. After all, rural resources have been ignored by the mainstream population, but in the current pursuit of more natural quality of the community, the rural industry is expected to usher in considerable development. read more

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Jingdong Galaxy S7 24 open innovation reservation free waiting for you to receive

spring, the recovery of all things in March, a new generation of Android and Galaxy S7 edge S7 Galaxy the strong back, the two section of the 2016 most popular flagship will be listed in the first Jingdong. March 11th 0:00:00 onwards, to participate in the appointment of S7 users can receive your Galaxy page in the Jingdong. March 18th 0:00:00 began, Jingdong APP open platform to buy, the end of the more able to grab an hour ahead of time.

event details: link read more

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Jingdong cold chain order new electric refrigerator tricycle why choose the full speed

in recent years, fresh cold chain logistics market has intensified the trend, the cold chain logistics enterprise and warlords, have to compete for this piece of freshly baked cake. In addition there is fresh produce large subsidiary of COFCO COFCO I buy joined the melee, the logistics courier companies also have, such as rookie network, SF and other enterprises, relying on the construction of internal logistics system is mature and a party to dominate the business enterprise also entered the Jingdong. read more

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Foxconn electricity supplier battles rich networking odds geometry

foundry giant Foxconn do electricity supplier. In November 2014 05, the media reported that Foxconn once again the density of electricity providers to accelerate the layout, intended from the internal transferring 99 cadres business institutions to join in the full vigour of life, rich networking that Foxconn was set up last year, to re build their own business platform.

was involved in the electricity supplier,

as a typical foundry enterprise, Foxconn is unwilling to permanent wedding dress has been a dream, complete the transition from processing enterprises to trade enterprises. read more

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09 years online store is a start

for 08 years, we’ve seen a lot of e-commerce companies have been successful, and they have been successful business models are not the same. For tens of millions of dollars in investment Jingdong mall is a typical super computing, inside of the types of goods to 10000 units; and also the reputation of the Vancl shirt, two digit number does not exceed the product category, brand is very small, but they both have achieved great success, but there are many similar examples be too numerous to enumerate. read more

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Double eleven Carnival gaming show something different

is a double eleven, the electricity supplier giant host Ning Mei country in the double eleven day held "Hello Funny Ningmei Guo double eleven Carnival show gaming activities, 2 stars, 4 teams, more than 30 sister paper, 4000 yuan in cash envelopes and several million gift together constitute the incomparable." show technology ", Panda TV 494703 room overcrowding, a barrage of sky flying this day! What happened? The people let off a carnival technology circle what storm? We look together this wonderful moment of the gaming Carnival show! < / p> read more

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Know almost confirm C round of financing 55 million Tencent Sogou investment

know almost week source

Phoenix Science and technology news November 5th news, know about the founder of the source today in almost know the platform has been confirmed to complete the $55 million C round of financing, Tencent and Sogou investment, and said the future will cooperate with sogou.

week source mentioned that almost just completed a $55 million C round of financing, the new investor is Tencent and Sogou, Tencent lead investment. Before the investor Saif, Qiming venture and innovation workshops are carried out with the cast in the round. Round of financing from the capital as a financial advisor. He said, chose the Tencent and Sogou, because I believe Pony and Ogawa to understand and care knowledge on the product itself, in the sincerity and comprehensive strength, Tencent and investors are very good. "I believe that the people who stand together with us, and discover the greater world with us, are those who understand and care for a long time. So, we will certainly be the next and new partners to expand the product cooperation, this can be." read more

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understand the marketing QQ batch plus buddy analysis

used a Xing a year marketing QQ, with his reason, and everyone else, can accommodate 100 thousand friends, you can buy bulk through official recharge and arrive at 100%, can work on-line at the same time and set the automatic reply, I am concerned only these three functions. Of course, the most important thing is that I want to use the marketing QQ batch plus friends, now the data is king.

but when I use it, I found that the cost of 4500 a year, a little regret. Why?

when I collected 160 thousand fans, began to increase the number of friends with QQ marketing software to add friends, and found not as I wish. Because does not stop with the software, only third days, I received the Tencent official mail, while marketing QQ client also pop news, suggesting that they detected we use third party software to add friends, if so, will be the title, and is currently the first warning. read more

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From the Kell Mann theory leads to the promotion of the three elements

era of information explosion, a wide variety of websites. As an integral part of the SEO, each SEOER put the promotion in a special position. But how can in many talent shows itself and their strength about the site, to stand head and shoulders above others effect? The three stage from Kelman’s theory is derived, should use the strength of the user, allowing users to obey, identity, assimilation, the initiative to become the website promotion.

compliance phase

value of the site itself is an effective way to promote the site. This phrase is used at this stage in the normal. Users are attracted to the content of your site, in other words, the user’s compliance with the value of your site. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the content of the website. read more

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From the Hainan sland international tourism network on line to see network marketing

since China’s accession to the WTO, the central government to encourage Hainan to play an industrial advantage, take the road of industrial opening. The construction of international tourism island, is to play to the advantages of Hainan in the new situation, to carry out a specific claim of the central strategic intent, hope by the international tourism island as the carrier, Hainan tourism market comprehensive factors of internationalization, promote thetransformation and upgrading of tourism industry, and with the development of the tourism industry development to the modern service industry, the it has become the leading industry of Hainan’s economic development gradually, to long-term sustainable development of supporting Hainan’s economy. read more

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