South Township institutions for retired soldiers open recruitment staff written examination smoothly

South Township institutions for retired soldiers open recruitment staff written examination smoothly

8 month 16 days, more than 400 soldiers lined up ready, dressed in military uniform solid steps into the Northern Campus of Qinghai Normal University exam exam, opened the curtain of township business units written in southern area of Qinghai Province in 2016 for the retired soldiers of the open recruitment of staff. This year the number of candidates and candidates have a substantial increase in academic levels than in previous years.

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, issued by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Commission Office, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and other departments of the township in the south of Qinghai "career oriented retired soldiers open recruitment of staff to (2013-2017)" and "Qinghai provincial public institutions to recruit staff measures" provisions, in the south of Qinghai a total of 101 townships in 14 counties each year to recruit 50 township institution staff, recruitment for the service in the province of the year to retired soldiers. This year, recruitment information released on July 28th, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial military command, Armed Police Corps in accordance with the notification requirements of the Qinghai, in the various forces in the open recruitment information and organizational registration. According to statistics, the province a total of 461 soldiers in 2016 to apply for registration, including male soldiers of 421 people, the number of female recruitment of 40 posts and the average number of applicants was 1:9.2.

written examination comprehensive basic knowledge and occupation aptitude test in two subjects, on the afternoon of the 17 day began marking the work by the army announced to the candidates written examination achievement, proposed 18 day organization interview, on the evening of 18 summary of the overall results of the examination and determine the examination personnel list, published test scores. The organization examination to determine the post, publicity and other procedures, hiring personnel in accordance with the actual retired list in early September and early December respectively for the employment procedures.


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