Landless farmers achieve a sense of security

Landless farmers achieve a sense of security

Reporters learned from the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, last year, West, East, the city, the city has carried out the land expropriated farmers social endowment insurance pilot and promote work. Up to now, the city has insured 1735 people, payment of $36 million 398 thousand and 600, the government subsidy funds of 15 million 600 thousand yuan. Meet the conditions for the treatment of 1111 elderly landless farmers receive a monthly payment of $335.61 landless farmers pension treatment, the merger of the new agricultural insurance 115 yuan, a total of a total of 450.61 yuan monthly pension treatment.It is reported by the

, in order to promote the work of rural social pension insurance pilot city, land, human society, finance, land and other related departments to the district (county) township (town) research, jointly issued the relevant documents, work together to promote. The drafting of the "Xining views the implementation of land acquisition by farmers social endowment insurance (Trial)", and repeated demonstration and solicit opinions from the general office of the municipal government approved the implementation, make each link of Landless Farmers Insurance payment and other work according to the rule-based. At the same time, do a thorough investigation, the establishment of statistical accounts, to promote the work to provide reliable data security. Deep district (county), township (town), streets, villages and households for village cadres and villagers on behalf of publicity, will the landless farmers to participate in social pension insurance policy clear, thorough, clear, to help landless farmers settled economic accounts.

by methods and effective measures, the city has been steadily advancing farmers’ social endowment insurance is according to the plan, step by step and orderly, the landless farmers social endowment insurance has achieved a sense of security, coverage gradually expanded, and the loss of land by land acquisition farmers long-term livelihood were ensured. To enjoy the treatment conditions of landless farmers can enjoy the monthly pension benefits, improve the elderly quality of life and happiness index.  

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