FRST awards nominations announced

FRST awards nominations announced

It is reported that the review eighth FIRST youth film festival main competition for half a month has recently ended, 7 days before the judges review work together to jointly select the FIRST Youth Film Festival in the year of the awards finalists, including "funeral coffin", "ballroom", "cloud like" etc. in the 32 film, from the 56 Preliminary entries in deus ex, will this month to compete in Xining in summer.The meeting to review the

at the end of the day before, the 7 judges unanimously by the review of the feature film "funeral coffin" champion, is undoubtedly the biggest winner of this review, directed by young director Xin Yukun suspense drama, no suspense swept the young film competition unit best play, best director and best feature film Artistic Contribution Award three nominations, won unanimous recognition and praise the judges review. In addition, the film "ballroom" also won the best feature film, best director and best actor three nominations, in foreign parts, review the judges taste is relatively short, feature films also have three works for the youth competition jury prize.

it is understood that, unlike previous years, this year’s change in the FIRST Youth Film Festival Awards, best art, best cinematography, best screenplay, best editing and best score of five in previous years, this year will become the permanent collection of awards for best artistic contribution award, recognizes the technical level with outstanding person. Including student competition unit, in previous years, the Best Animation Awards this year is no longer set up alone, incorporated into the plot unit. Such initiatives, not only to avoid the waste of resources in various awards overlap waste, but also makes the internal competition of each award more intense, thus screening out more excellent works.


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