Preparing for the tourist season to improve the transport capacity of our province

Preparing for the tourist season to improve the transport capacity of our province

in order to ensure the smooth traffic tourist season Road, to provide free, safety, comfortable and beautiful "transportation environment for tourists, the Provincial Department of transportation will be before the arrival of the tourist season, tourism scenic spots along the road to further improve traffic facilities, effectively solve the tourist season the whole province highway traffic congestion, improve highway safety and convenient and efficient flow of service ability.

it is reported that the province will in May 31st before the completion of the G109 line Daotanghe to Qinghai Lake scenic area along the 8 parking lot construction completed in June 30th; tea card Saline Lake scenic road construction completed in May 31st before the 227 national road line; Menyuan County to Qilian county (Fort Mindanao fork) road Dabanshan to Fort Mindanao section 36 traffic signs, 5 mass tourism logo, 7 parking bays project construction; completed in June 30th 47 in the service area, parking area and bus station toilet expansion project completed in May 15th; Xining surrounding the toll system adjusted toll station demolition, road and marking the restoration work.

provincial transportation department will also focus on ensuring the safety and security, Zha Ma Long Road area environmental protection work Daotanghe expressway during construction, and take effective measures to prevent construction dust pollution caused by vehicles and thrown objects has been running related sections of the road pollution and traffic accidents, to ensure safe and smooth, clean and tidy environment along the road.

Provincial Transportation Bureau will strengthen the road in the tourist season (water) road passenger travel, passenger car market supervision, investigate and punish all kinds of illegal acts, the tourism passenger car; according to the demand of passenger travel market, scientific allocation of tourism, chartered passenger capacity; to investigate and punish unauthorized engaged in Tourism, business, tourism, chartered passenger car passenger vehicles long while operating, Forged (altered) travel, chartered passenger signs, not to sign the approved line, time, origin, destination and travel itinerary operations and other irregularities.

in addition, during the tourist season, the Provincial Department of transportation will be through the WeChat public platform, SMS, newspapers, radio traffic, electronic display, web sites and other means to release road traffic, road construction, road traffic control and transportation service information in a timely manner; improve the highway signs, additional key pre signs; the toll station of super high, super wide vehicle timely diversion.


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