Home to play in the community singing Xining people really happy oh

Home to play in the community singing Xining people really happy oh

spiritual and cultural food has become the people’s daily necessities. March 16th, the reporter learned that, in order to enrich the cultural life of the people, the Xining Municipal Bureau of cultural innovation thinking, carefully arranged a number of public cultural activities, has entered the deployment phase.

Public cultural activities of

in Xining in 2009 is divided into major festivals, for farmers to do practical work, and the public service level, enrich the cultural life of the people, to celebrate the 60 anniversary of a series of cultural activities, the establishment of the new Chinese Carnival and the column into the community activities and other activities. In addition to the successful conclusion of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival cultural activities, including Tulip Festival cultural activities; 5 migrant workers condolences performances; 5 carry out grassroots counseling, painting and calligraphy painting friendship activities; 5 field troops for three performances; rural county four district projecting digital movies 10000; 2009 Xining first national reading activities; Xining the city museum is open free of charge in recent years show the Xining city folk culture and intangible cultural achievements, promotion of cultural relic protection and cultural knowledge activities; Xining dance music competition; Xining City, the first "civilization in about 1000" family theme gala concert dance scene; red classics; Xining area the first youth TV art contest Xining city; the first youth concert; revolutionary songs we sing a series of activities; square, community performances etc..


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