Least optimal

Least optimal

March 21, 2017
adminLeast optimal

Let Qinghai become the country’s administrative approval at least, and the highest efficiency and innovation environment optimal goal must be one of the provinces, to further promote the decentralization and the transformation of government functions, with the system of "rational" power "to curb wayward".

4 13, governor Hao Peng chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government, analysis of the economic situation in the first quarter of speeding up the cultivation and development of market, deepening decentralization and the transformation of government functions, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment, protect and improve people’s livelihood and other matters.


meeting of the provincial government to promote the "list of the powers of government departments responsible for the implementation of the views of" list system "on the implementation of the State Council, standardize administrative examination and approval to improve administrative approval of the relevant work to implement the views of", "the Qinghai provincial government approved the investment project directory (2015 Edition)". The meeting stressed the need to accelerate the implementation of the government power list and responsibility list system, clear up the adjustment of administrative powers, check power matters according to law, optimizing the operation of power flow, pay close attention to the published list, flashed power family property, the real power box in a cage system. To sync up the responsibility list, one by one to clarify the responsibility of corresponding matters of administrative power, the main responsibility for the implementation, specification of duties and powers, to power a "inhibition", do have the right to have the responsibility, with the right to be responsible. To standardize the administrative examination and approval, the implementation of "one window" for the implementation of acceptance system, strictly enforce the limits of commitment, clean up and standardize the pre conditions, quotas and licensing matters of administrative examination and approval fees, to further promote the parallel processing and online approval, improve processing efficiency, to create a fair environment, stimulate the vitality of the market.

Conference on accelerating the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, accelerate the development of science and technology services, promote the reform and development of tourism and promote the implementation of the four provinces of Qinghai province rural information demonstration provinces. Stressed that the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure is the fundamental way to promote economic sustained and stable development, we must adhere to the ecological protection forced restructuring, reform and innovation to boost industrial upgrading, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, pushing to speed up the development of service industry, cultivate new format, the formation of a new growth point. To promote energy-saving environmental protection industry to accelerate development, promote energy-saving products and equipment industry, green lighting industry, green building materials industry, vigorously develop the environmental protection equipment and product manufacturing backbone enterprises, to build the industrial chain of comprehensive utilization of resources, development of energy service industry and environmental protection. To implement energy-saving technological transformation, environmental pollution control, recycling and other key projects Park, improve energy conservation and environmental protection industry technical level and core competitiveness. The meeting stressed that we should focus on the development of research and development, technology transfer, business incubation, intellectual property, technology consulting, inspection certification service of science and technology, promote science and technology service industry specialization, networking, scale development, become an important engine of economic quality and efficiency upgrades. The meeting noted that the tourism industry is an important starting point for the steady growth of structural adjustment benefit people’s livelihood. It is necessary to deepen the reform of tourism management system, strengthen international and domestic tourism cooperation, innovate tourism marketing, and expand the inbound tourism market. To enhance the basis of tourism and service levels, the implementation of scenic upgrading projects and wisdom;

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