Our province to carry out eleventh Cultural Heritage Day series of activities

Our province to carry out eleventh Cultural Heritage Day series of activities

6 11 is China’s eleventh cultural heritage day, this year’s theme is to let the cultural heritage into modern life". The provincial press and publication department of careful arrangements, careful arrangements, organize special performances, traditional arts show non heritage exhibition performances, forums, media literacy, intangible cultural heritage and a series of rich and colorful, full of the effectiveness of the activities, let me feel the charm of the cultural heritage of the masses.

cultural heritage is the most realistic, the most concrete, the most direct, the most realistic embodiment of the excellent traditional culture. Let the cultural heritage into modern life, increase the cultural sense and people’s sense of belonging, let people see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia. In recent years, the protection of intangible cultural heritage in our province at the same time, the protection of material and cultural heritage has achieved remarkable results.

on the day, the downtown plaza in Xining, Huangzhong and gold silver and bronze art, Huangzhong folk painted clay, Huangzhong, Datong Qiaoergou Duitou sand tank firing techniques, Tu disc embroidery, embroidery, paper-cut Hehuang Salar 7 traditional craft project site works and art performances, and audience interaction in shadow; carving artists and shadow Troupe performing for the masses close to the traditional repertoire of shadow, sharing the results of non heritage protection. In the "Cultural Heritage Day" the main venue, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu prefecture to the masses show third immovable cultural relics census results, Yushu post disaster cultural heritage protection achievements, Yushu, the first movable cultural relics census results and other content, comprehensive propaganda characteristics of Yushu cultural heritage, to fully demonstrate the Yushu cultural heritage protection achievements.


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