Hao Peng stressed at the provincial government meeting on the implementation of a comprehensive proj

Hao Peng stressed at the provincial government meeting on the implementation of a comprehensive proj

5 30, governor Hao Peng chaired a special meeting of the provincial government to promote the work of private investment. Hao Peng stressed the need to fully understand the extreme importance of private investment, the economic and social development in our province as the initiative, comprehensive measures should conscientiously implement the State Council special inspection group of private investment work request to promote our province, adhere to the "two legs" to walk, should unswervingly grasp the basic public welfare of government investment the dominant, but also to do everything possible to promote private investment, continue to release the potential of domestic demand, to provide strong support and guarantee for the stable and healthy economic growth.

meeting heard the report of the State Council to promote the implementation of the State Council to promote private investment in Qinghai, a special inspection feedback rectification program. Hao Peng pointed out in his speech, private investment is an important support for the steady growth of structural adjustment to promote employment, the province’s economic and social development is essential. To exist for the private investment in the field, the underlying table, giving top priority to implement the reform program, and further improve and promote private investment policies, adhere to the short-term and long-term policy measures and initiatives both temporary and permanent solutions, concentrating on the rectification, to promote private investment to stabilize, sustained growth.

Hao Peng stressed the need to further promote the supply side structural reform, accelerate the development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new models, so that private capital flows to the consumption of resources and low industrial projects, less environmental pollution, high technology content, good economic benefits, to guide private enterprises to adjust the structure to the way, increase the benefit. We should vigorously promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation, strengthen incubators, public space and other construction, increase scientific and technological innovation funds to support efforts to guide private enterprises to accelerate the development of new industries. To seize the golden season, adhere to the problem oriented, targeted to create an environment for construction projects, including private investment to fully grasp all kinds of construction projects, ensure the completion of the annual investment objectives and tasks.

Hao Peng stressed the need to vigorously promote the "put the tube, take greater efforts to reform, decentralization, deepen the reform of commercial system, enhanced supervision, optimize the service sector, vigorously promote the horizontal linkage and parallel approval online, efforts to solve the long handle, cross link, mutually front etc.. In particular, the city should play a good role in the county and the park, up and down linkage, to form a joint effort, get through the last mile effort. To further create a fair competitive market environment, to provide quality services for all types of market players, to build a pro, clear new political and business relations. To deepen the reform of investment and financing system, support and encourage social capital to participate in the construction of key areas, increase support for PPP projects, leveraging more private capital. With the help of "Green Fair activities" and other major exhibition Festival, highlighting the province to create a characteristic of circular economy, green economy, increase investment, focus on signing rate, compliance rate, the funds rate, the project started, to promote the growth of investment projects landing.

Hao Peng finally stressed the need to increase supervision, adhere to the leadership of the lead, focusing on the work of major projects, such as the implementation of important reforms to carry out special inspections, anatomical typical, solve problems, promote;

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