Datong County the township to carry out food safety publicity and inspection work

Datong County the township to carry out food safety publicity and inspection work


recently, the county has to carry out the work of food safety publicity and food safety inspections.

East Gap Town in July 18th held a rural chef and food, drug information officer training courses. The village Party branch secretary, food, drug coordinators, information officer, rural doctors, a total of 64 people participated in the training of rural cooks. Training invitation County Health Authority staff explaining the "food safety law", "Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations" and other laws and regulations, the food additives, agricultural products, circulation, catering service food safety knowledge. What food and medicine can not buy, what food to buy at ease, eat at ease. To explain the rural food and drug safety information officer, CO manager duties. Strengthening the filing management of running the feast of rural declaration filing system, the program from the start dinner, the food safety requirements on rural party related health knowledge of laws and regulations, Party activities of tableware disinfection, raw material procurement, processing and other aspects, to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning. Supervision of rural cooks to the disease prevention and control institutions at the same time, health education, strengthen food safety knowledge training, consciously regulate food safety behavior during dinner activities. Training close to life, close to reality, to explain in simple terms, inspires everyone’s enthusiasm for learning, all the trainees have a more comprehensive understanding of food and drug safety work.

cable Gou held in July 18th the Township food safety work conference. Township party and government leaders, food and drug safety staff and the village committee cadres more than and 20 people attended the meeting. Will convey the first half of the county food safety work conference spirit. The meeting read "learning Xie Gou Xiang food and drug safety accident emergency plan". Township party secretary Ye Jianlong stressed the need to attach great importance to food safety, the village set up a leading group, implement the members of work carried out in a timely manner. All primary and secondary schools should conscientiously do a good job in the cafeteria food safety work, to ensure the safety of students and health. The value of the teams and groups to carry out full duty, to ensure that communication tools 24 hours smooth. After the meeting, the Township food safety work leading group collaborative business, taxation, hospitals, Township Comprehensive Management Office, food safety work within the jurisdiction of the tourist attractions and the surrounding area of tea garden were examined.


town of food and Drug Management Coordination Leading Group Co Chengguan industrial and commercial staff, Food Safety Coordinators and information staff 6 people to Kazakhstan state Village town government seat of 20 food stores, restaurants, food stalls, kindergartens, schools and densely populated public places to carry out food and drug safety inspections and the examination of the security risks found timely rectification.


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