Green Anhui two provinces jointly build Snow Leopard Prince

Green Anhui two provinces jointly build Snow Leopard Prince

profound themes, top bench, wire and other highly acrobatic and unique Qinghai national song and dance together, showing a man and a snow leopard, capable of evoking praises and tears of myths and legends for the audience, attracted the audience a piece of praise. In June 16th 20, joint rehearsal by Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department joint planning, I state of Yushu province and Anhui Province, and the troupe’s National Art Fund Project — large vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard" Prince of the first show in Xining, Western Performing Arts Center held a gymnasium. "Snow Leopard Prince" shows the artistic innovation of an exciting for the audience, a green, patriotic gratitude.

in the source of Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang River in Qinghai Yushu, lived a giant panda and the same rare animal – snow leopard; new Yushu brave rise in the earthquake relief, there is a singing and dancing troupe. In order to express gratitude to the party and the people of the whole country, they worked together with the Anhui acrobatic troupe to build this acrobatic dance drama "Snow Leopard". Two provinces, the combination of the two nationalities with acrobatics and dance interpretation of a snow leopard myths and legends. The play as the starting point to the plateau endangered rare snow leopard animal, combining the unique Tibetan music, dance and acrobatics, showing a man and a snow leopard, capable of evoking praises and tears of myths and legends for the audience, called on people and the environment, the harmony between man and nature.

6 17, vice president of the Federation of Anhui Province, Anhui Province, Chen Jian, head of the troupe, said to the reporter, snow leopard Prince is the first inter provincial cooperation in the province of two. Two provinces to overcome a variety of difficulties in the best form of the show will be presented to the audience. After the performance in Anhui, premiered in Qinghai, the actor on the stage of the wonderful performances, the audience and the actor’s interaction, especially the audience to give applause, is the snow leopard prince, the successful performance of the show. Thank you very much for the state of Yushu song and dance troupe of actors to overcome the difficulties of drunk oxygen in Anhui, completed 40 days of rehearsals and performances in Anhui; would also like to thank the Anhui acrobatic troupe of actors, to overcome the difficulties of plateau hypoxia, completed the Qinghai premiere and subsequent performance in Qinghai. Snow leopard Prince is also the first cross-border cooperation in two provinces. Yushu national song and dance ensemble and the integration of the Anhui acrobatic troupe as a whole, in order to show the stage of this innovative performance. The two group of actors, both Han and Tibetan actors, in the stage of cooperation is very understanding, into the role and the plot, the outstanding performance of the show.


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