Datong County to let the core values fall down small implementation

Datong County to let the core values fall down small implementation

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County by making payment of all kinds of promotional materials, carry out a series of cultural activities, the normalization of broadcast advertising and other forms, to make the core values into the life of the masses, in fine falls small implementation effect.


County carefully designed the concept for the content of the paper cup 30 thousand, 40 thousand boxes of paper with the socialist core value, and given to the township and county departments and units, vividly display the core values of the content. In the "38" on the eve of the county women’s Federation organized the "women build Chinese dream" speech contest. This spring is the county County Cultural Plaza launched the "Lei Feng, fostering new 000 volunteer service activities, lectures, science, theory of care action to help farmers, ecological protection and other 10 volunteer service teams to Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun, Bridge Center nursing homes and other places to carry out voluntary service activities, fully carry forward the" dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress volunteerism.

at the same time, Datong County, the public service advertising as an important carrier of the spread of advanced culture, leading civilized fashion, make full use of the various types of media kanbo normalization, the core values in the form of pictures and videos directly vividly presented, subtly penetrated into the public life. Continue to organize the "people Gallery" propaganda activities, the socialist core values to enrich the contents of preaching, in peace village, Xun rang Xiang Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun, preach about his personal experience in the form of advanced models, the core values about the heart.


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