Let the ancient city of Xining is brimming with bursts of scholarly reading activities

Let the ancient city of Xining is brimming with bursts of scholarly reading activities

Eleventh National Cultural Tourism Festival is approaching, let the ancient city of Xining is brimming with bursts of scholarly reading activities.

from August 1st to 31, fine book sales activities to recommend a good book "as the theme, held in the Grand Cross of Xinhua Bookstore, bookstore, post office, cross Xining three Thai book wholesale market. The site’s book promotion and sales, the national reading activities to climax.

, the reporter saw in the Grand Cross of Xinhua Bookstore, with the "Eleventh National Cultural Tourism Festival fine book sales" banners in the hall is very eye-catching, the most conspicuous place, there are selling book counters, counter reads "reading good books, enjoying a happy life.". In the counter around, surging, a large number of people in the book. Chinese Pictorial Publishing House also launched two additional promotions, readers can choose a good book here, find a quiet place, carefully read a book to bring him a comfortable. According to Xinhua Bookstore staff, since the activities of the reading public sentiment, the main audience of about 30 young people, there are a number of foreign tourists in Qinghai to stop browsing on the books, the beauty of Qinghai is filled with admiration.

although the weather has been hot in Xining in recent days, many people are still immersed in the book world. In the central hall of Mita bookstore, also erected a billboard campaign book sale people reading books, love the people can understand to the content of the event in the above characteristics: Book Exhibition, bookstore promotions and promotions of electronic learning products. Some of the characteristics of the book exhibition exhibition gathered the most people, they are full of students, there are children with the couple to read, there are young people full of youthful vigor…… One of the most popular books have a long series of novels "Tibet code", "the rabbit hole dug in the foreign literature," books "China historical stories" etc.. In the event, a female teacher said the feelings of the event. She said: "this event is a particularly good thing, such activities not only conducive to shaping the public spirit, will also help to improve the overall quality of the public, on the other hand it is conducive to the province’s foreign propaganda." She hopes to be able to publish a number of books with Qinghai local style.

It is reported that

, the organizers will also organize the Xinhua Publishing Group Mobile bookselling vehicles into the community, into the barracks, the tour. (author: Diao Yongping Lu Shizhen)

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