Won the Huangyuan aid poor students

Won the Huangyuan aid poor students

As of October 15th, the Ministry of civil affairs of Huangyuan province goalkeeper 228 thousand yuan of higher education relief funds issued to the hands of the parents of the students in the hands of 114 difficulties for students to send a warm family.

this year, Huangyuan county to meet the conditions of higher education assistance payments paid 114 students from poor families each paid 2000 yuan relief funds, up to now, 228 thousand yuan relief funds have been distributed to the hands of the parents of the students. Huangyuan county and Pingxiang peace village villagers Luo Jianbang pleased to reporters that his child was admitted to the University, the township know his family difficulties, for higher education funds for him, this 2000 yuan relief funds to solve their family care as pressing danger, thanks to the party and the government for their home.

for students from poor families to really enjoy this Huimin policy, Huangyuan county civil affairs departments to strictly audit the funding target, and consciously accept the supervision of the public opinion, in the process of payment of funds so that an open, fair and equitable. Huangyuan County Civil Affairs Bureau official said, after the payment of relief payments through the strict audit of the township and County Civil Affairs Bureau of the two audit, the final approval by the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs bureau. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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