Snacks to join the project recommended

Snacks to join the project recommended

have you found, now eat snacks like shopping has become a common mode of consumption, has become indispensable to people’s life because of changes in consumer demand, this trend has become a very popular snack bar open entrepreneurship project. So what snacks are more popular with consumers? Xiaobian for you to list a few snack brands.

hot dog

use disposable chopsticks inserted on the ham sausage, and then dipped in a layer of batter and deep fry, outside there are hot dogs and a layer of potatoes! Many children first lick its sugar and tomato sauce, fried noodles and eat delicious, and finally eat inside the

ham sausage!

Mini Pizza

add flour and vegetables, ham, seasonings and cheese in the oven grinder, size is only 1/4 of ordinary pizza, because it is relatively small, it is very suitable for sale in the street.

Roast taro

in Shenzhen, roast taro relative to roast potatoes, not everywhere snacks, but the taste is much better than roast potatoes, doing is the most authentic in the East Gate East Gate Road East entrance of the beauty shop to buy baked taro Clay oven rolls, the people in the store is much more than the main can see the charm of Clay oven rolls. Extraordinary.

hot dog roll

are now sold, Lidengkequ, convenient and quick! Variety, strong visibility: hot dog roll, chicken incense coil, a variety of flavors for customers to choose the most special snack, quick snack to join.



Korea sausage and good taste, good color fragrance. Threshold: 5000 yuan flow Cart: initial fee 600 yuan, 300 yuan car sausage, booth fee (according to the comprehensive consideration, such as the famous Wuhan Jianghan Road pedestrian street, each booth fee actually reached 2200 yuan, while the more remote alley, you will not be charged the booth fee). Working capital 1000 yuan. Winter is selling roast the intestines peak, listen to the entrepreneurial small Tu introduced the couple: roast the intestines of profit is not great, they got from Mr. Ma ham intestines is 0.6 yuan per root, sold to 1 yuan / root, profit mainly from small profits, business is the best time of day net profit can reach 500 yuan a day.

do you have any kind of snacks to join the interest, if so, would like to know more similar snacks to join the project, please leave a message below our website. After seeing the message we will arrange staff to contact you, recommend more snacks for you to join the brand.

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