Rental shops need to pay attention to these aspects

Rental shops need to pay attention to these aspects

whether it is to open a restaurant or a clothing store, it is inevitable that the need for shop leasing matters, few people can use their own houses to shop. For many inexperienced entrepreneurs, the store is a hard to rent the bones, if done well, it is likely to affect the latter business. So what is the need to pay attention to rental shops? Mainly in the following aspects.

complete formalities

if it is leased or is ready to take over the small snack shop, to obtain the original lessee and the lease contract to the housing property owners, the term of validity of the original contract and other inspection on sublease agreement, and confirm to the housing property owners and business license inspection consultation, the original lessee, all inspection and correct after the decision; query the relevant documents to the property management department when necessary, and notarized record, to prevent fraud.

clear responsibility for maintenance


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