Jilin Provincial Department of human resources and social interpretation of the popular business for

Jilin Provincial Department of human resources and social interpretation of the popular business for

New Year’s employment and entrepreneurship will soon begin, to help the majority of entrepreneurs who want to know more about the current business policy, the Jilin Provincial Department of human resources and social office for the majority of consultants conducted a detailed solution to the main problems.

to between the reader and the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress and CPPCC members to build a "bridge", the day before the opening of the NPC and CPPCC said. "Even the day to participate in activities, through the" NPC and CPPCC say "6 kinds of readers have hundreds of people, according to readers’ questions, the reporter conducted summary. Today, the two sessions, said one of the issues related to the employment of college students and parents of readers, entrepreneurship support. Provincial Department of human resources and social office sent a special solution to these problems.

within two years of graduation Entrepreneurship

for entrepreneurial loans maximum not more than 150 thousand yuan

Q: I just graduated from college, want to start your own business, how much is our province businesses to apply for the loan amount? How long is the loan? What are the counter guarantees of loans?

A: one is for college graduates graduation within two years, the business loan does not exceed the maximum amount of 150 thousand yuan, more than two years of the loan amount is generally the maximum not more than 100 thousand yuan. Two is the guarantee period of business loans generally not more than two years. Three counter guarantees can be taken in kind (quality) and the third guarantees and other means of security.

enjoy preferential tax policies

A: first, college graduates engaged in self-employed, per household per year in 3 years 9600 yuan in order to limit the actual deductions that should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and personal income tax. Two is the establishment of the college graduates taxable income of less than 100 thousand yuan (including $100 thousand) of the small profit enterprise, its income minus the amount of taxable income in accordance with the 50%, according to the enterprise income tax rate of 20%. Three college graduates engaged in individual industrial and commercial operation, the business tax on the threshold of tax increases to the monthly turnover of $20 thousand, according to the starting point of the tax increase to each (day) turnover of 500 yuan.

home business college graduates

is at or above the provincial level patent to give 10 thousand yuan subsidy

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