Listen to the old one in Shanghai found the Qing Dynasty old story

Listen to the old one in Shanghai found the Qing Dynasty old story

found in Shanghai in the Qing Dynasty old, bring the absolute archaeological value, is the absolute cultural relics of the old building, now under consideration were included in the protection of cultural relics, now Xiaobian together into the old building of the story!


Jinshan Tinglin found an old old house located in the Qing Dynasty, the six tower Pavilion East Village nine groups, over two floors and six rooms, walls and windows have been damaged. Into the interior, preservation of old furniture is uneven in quality but this face carved poems, a relatively complete partition. Cultural relics department staff told reporters that this is a typical Qing "hard peak" building, built in the late Qing dynasty.



Ruan grandfather then do not understand thrifty, with others smoking opium, a little money has been pumped out, and the rich family, also from the old Ruan grandfather that generation began to go downhill.

to view the old generation is Ruan family has as pour as a church mouse. Now all the furnishings are not the old one in the copper decoration, is the time when the daughter gets married, the old Ruan pull out, and took shangpozi cast copper and copper stove.


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