What to do to prepare a cold drink shop

What to do to prepare a cold drink shop

what kind of work do you need to open a cold drink shop? Many newcomers want to join the investment industry, but do not need to do a good job to do the shop is very clear, if you really want to know so quickly to learn about it, I hope to help you.

Project: pearl milk tea, fruit juice, ice cream, ice cold drinks, coffee

A, fruit powder: 26 yuan / bag *15 bag (1 kg / bag) 15=390 yuan

grape powder, almond powder, durian powder, powder, powder, watermelon lychee Mint powder, strawberry powder, peach powder, fruit powder, orange powder, 100 fragrant taro powder, green apple powder, melon powder, pineapple powder, mango powder, lemon powder, chocolate powder, papaya powder, coconut powder, banana powder Brazil, a lover of guava powder, powder, mung bean powder, coffee powder, peanut powder, blueberry powder.

two, super cream: 2 pack *380 yuan / bag (25 kg / bag) =760 yuan

three, special milk powder: 1 yuan / bag *375 bag (25 kg / bag) =375 yuan

four, juice: 18 yuan / bottle *23 =414 yuan Grape Juice, green Apple Juice, passion fruit, plum juice, strawberry juice, lemon juice, Pineapple Juice, Cantaloupe Juice, kumquat juice, mint juice, peach juice, mango juice, litchi juice, black currant, orange juice, Watermelon Juice juice, juice, papaya juice, Brazil’s kumquat lemon juice, champagne Grape Juice, Lan Meizhi, Plum juice, Kiwi fruit juice

five, tea: (5 Pack) 500 grams / bag 10 yuan / package *11 package =110 yuan,

Black Tea Black Tea fragrant coffee

six, Zhuhai: (1 case /12) price: 80 yuan (1.5 kg / bag) 2 yuan Black Pearl

box *80=160

seven, coconut (each of 1 flavors: per tank) price: 25 yuan (3.4 yuan / kg cans) 10*25=250 green apple, pineapple, coconut coconut coconut coconut flavor melon, grape, plum coconut, coconut, coconut coconut aloe, watermelon, mango, coconut, coconut peach

2, doors and windows. It has a large, wooden door, with a glass on top of it, which is the kind of green glass with a pattern that is invisible. How to open a cold store? A particularly striking ad in the glass above: not satisfied please tell us, please you tell your friends! "These advertisements with special paper pastes, dark green. Sitting in the shop can be seen through the window of the shop glass.

3, a unique fence. Is surrounded by that particular circle like wood "wood" color is black, turn into a small fence, which was decorated with plastic recommended

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