How much money from bone meal

How much money from bone meal

do you know a lot of China catering projects are our eyes of the bright younger generation in a short period of time, they can gather consumer market, take the bone meal, to the catering market after the suddenness of a thunderbolt hot catering sector, not only consumers love, investors more favor, because this is a rare the commercial opportunity to get rich. The bones of the major cities in the rice market matures. In contrast, the small and medium cities in the country’s rice market potential is very great, competitive small business opportunities.

Since the

extension of Hangzhou Sichuan Catering Management Co. Ltd from August 25, 2009 to build, always follow the rules of market development, in strict accordance with international chain enterprise management concept and management experience, focus on brand building, product promotion, market development, product development, the company in recent years to keep pace with the times constantly growing, by the end of December 2014 has handed down the bone meal store has more than 800, the Hangzhou area of more than 200, more than 600 overseas.

has handed down the bone meal has to Shanghai, Anhui, Hubei, Sichuan and other places. Handed down the bone meal after five generations of decoration, decoration of the new standard has set sail, bring a different visual experience for you, at the same time handed down and launched the spareribs bone meal, dishes and other series, making more rich dishes handed down.

handed down bone meal join advantage:

1. corporate headquarters will help businesses to join the new store opening

2. according to business experience, to join the business to develop shop management program

3. free of charge for the design of new business renovation drawings


4. store opening, the company will send experienced management personnel on-site guidance


5. store opening, free business services, advertising and promotional single

6. free new push activities

7. direct store site free of charge for a week to learn

8. free new learning

handed the investment funds to bone meal?

join Gold: 15000 yuan (contract period of three years)

margin: 5000 yuan (expiration refund)

storefront decoration: about 30000 yuan (depending on the size of the area depending on)

shop furniture: about 3500 yuan (25>

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