Shop location should pay attention to what issues

Shop location should pay attention to what issues

we know, a shop in order to attract consumers, first of all around the shop to be popular, there is no popularity of the place is difficult to have a good business. Shop to consider a lot of factors, site selection is a very important factor. So, shop location should pay attention to what problems?

the contents of the survey include: population distribution shop location; the nature of the work unit nature, gathered near the region; consumption, habit; whether similar shops, if there is, how the operating conditions in the future to competition and so on.

if you can more in-depth understanding of the target customers in the shop to locate more when it can match up.

Second, no investigation no right to speak.

The population of

Third, the quality of the environment has two meanings.

Fourth, the traffic condition is convenient.

fifth, the surrounding facilities are favorable to the shop.

some shops in the city while the main road, but the road on both sides of the fence, but business is big influence. So in the choice of street pavement, should pay full attention to this.

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