Catering business site is why

Catering business site is why

catering industry process, what is the most critical step, that is the site. But many entrepreneurs not to put it in the eyes, and that as long as their good things have come, Xiaobian want to say that the probability is very small, if you one hundred percent can not succeed, it may wish to take formal way, step by step foot walking field. Why is this the most important catering business, there are three main reasons:

first, the site for consumer groups. Understand the number of stores near the population, the number of enterprises, traffic and competition of the store, and store the location of the traffic flow, visibility (recognition), near the parking lot, tourist area, taste.

Secondly, the location of

should be aimed at the regional consumption level. The level of economic development area, income level, consumption concept, commercial growth speed, as regional consumption levels, the purchasing power of residents is consistent with the restaurant’s location.

finally, the site focuses on the future development of the restaurant. A restaurant is capable of lasting business to see whether the development of the restaurant location for the restaurant, to see whether it is consistent with the city planning and development, whether there will be municipal residents and neighboring residents, whether it will enter the city planning red line.

fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, in order to unbeaten in the starting point, then the restaurant site to be cautious. Good location is almost equal to half of the restaurant business success, there is a desire to do the restaurant you must do a good job in the restaurant business.

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