Open a successful Korean coffee shop to do these four points

Open a successful Korean coffee shop to do these four points

Korea food culture in the domestic hot, many people aspire to the coffee shop and go to South Korea do not feel the same atmosphere. A Korean coffee shop in the domestic business and people but meet the eye everywhere, not that simple.

, a genuine Korean coffee proud strong copycat "tricky" blossom everywhere

with diffuse coffee, coffee to accompany your coffee, demonstration zoo these outstanding Korean coffee, there have been many copycat of Korean coffee brands on the market, these less than two years on the establishment of the "fake", also quickly favored to win the market.

Why is

thus blocked a lot of investment to Korean coffee brands, but do not have the financial strength to coffee investors, so these copycat Korean coffee brands have emerged.

they mimic with diffuse coffee is almost the same as the old elm furniture furniture, decoration style, the same product model, like pick empty space, like the persimmon tree, even as the

bear!The number of

two, Korean coffee "dominate the Chinese"



three, Korean "trick" is not easy to work long time

The core competitiveness in the Korean coffee

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