Analysis of the cost of investing in bakery

Analysis of the cost of investing in bakery

we all know, the bread in people’s life, the frequency is quite big, because people like to bread, always eat a hundred tire, so for consumers, open a bakery stores will get more success.

1, small bakery investment cost analysis:

for small bakery in general, the initial investment cost of about 80 thousand yuan, including 50 thousand yuan investment in equipment (bakery oven, refrigerator, cream etc.), 30 thousand yuan investment in rental store. However, if you want to build a small and sophisticated high-end bakery, then the investment costs should be 120 thousand yuan.

2, medium bakery investment cost analysis:

if the investors more liquidity, entrepreneurial firm will, can run a modest bakery, ordinary medium-sized bakery, the initial investment cost of about 140 thousand yuan, investment is mainly bakery equipment and rental shop, the bread shop equipment at around 80 thousand. The high-end medium-sized bakery due to better decoration, equipment, investment costs will be more than 5-8.

3, large bakery investment cost analysis:

large bakery in the market is rare, mainly due to the high cost of investment. The initial investment cost of ordinary large bakeries in about 250 thousand yuan, the initial investment in high-end large bakeries in about 350 thousand yuan, however, although the high cost of this kind of bread shop, but at the same time, its market competitiveness is relatively strong, so the profit will be relatively more than the other two high a.

bread is a delicious food, can bring people out of the ordinary taste, if you want to make your own bread stores popularity doubled, must continue to introduce new bread, let more people have to eat enough feeling.

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