Guilin rice noodle business cooperation

Guilin rice noodle business cooperation

is to join the rice Guilin rice to give you the most powerful support, so you can rest assured that the choice. There are three main aspects of Guilin rice noodle business cooperation:

a, procurement variety:

1. food: rice and edible oil, fresh meat (pork, beef, poultry and meat), meat (pork, beef, eggs, spices, Vegetable & Fruit);

2. liquefied petroleum gas;

3. cash register equipment, kitchen equipment, pumping exhaust engineering, environmental protection equipment and facilities;

4. branch engineering construction;

5. decoration materials (wire, lamps, switches, floor tiles, pipe, plywood, cement, brick);

6. furniture store;

7. print.

two, supplier qualification requirements:

1. supply unit must hold out the business license (by commercial inspection), production license, health permit, product quality inspection report, tax registration certificate;

2. has strong financial strength;

3. has good social credit.

three, product quality requirements:

1. pork, beef, fresh (frozen) poultry, poultry products must have quarantine certificate;

2. other foods with "QS" food quality certification mark;

3. other products shall comply with the relevant national quality standards and safety standards.

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