How to find an order after participating in the exhibition

How to find an order after participating in the exhibition

every time when companies in some of the investment in the show, is to be able to find some good business opportunities through investment show, especially after the show just ended, the enterprises need to start a positive action.

enterprises to participate in the exhibition after how to find the order? For the show guests, the best to classify them, and of course this exhibition observation of customer intention and notes with the relevant degree.

signed contract customers

these back are generally in accordance with his request for his detailed information, then asked him to open the L / C, or remit deposit. But these with you signed a contract does not mean that customers will give you orders, now the situation has been very common, some customers with you signed the contract, but after he in other suppliers have a better price and terms, and the orders given to others. Or go back to the market changes, decided to change and cancel orders, etc.. For them, no binding contract, the contract is a kind of form, so for the customer, be careful not to communicate, once he delayed issuing or exchange deposit, please be vigilant, timely communicate with him, whether what problems, take corresponding measures, we can save a a customer orders.

to a clause or not to the customer for the price to do, also don’t compromise, first send an email or a phone call (or firmly your previous decision) look at the situation and then do so fixed. If the customer has a certain xinruan, then you can compromise and then compromise to him too late.

according to what he said as far as possible the detailed information to him.

to look, ask the customer

the time, he was just going to ask you that, look, these customers may have contact with his name card to the name card, if their web site that is best, to visit their website, find out their condition, they mainly engaged in what kind of products, and in accordance with the recommendation

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