Business can not be wasteful

Business can not be wasteful

people from the superior living conditions, even your own small business, spend the same wasteful, the pressure of the competition if things go on like this, business, this business, but also how to ensure profitability? I’m afraid it’s a very normal ending. So, if it is to do business, not to spend money recklessly wasteful.

for a few days, every time out of delivery, the home city I noticed at the corner of the street has been closed. Home appliance City boss I know, he is my high school classmate Li Xin’s younger brother, we call him Lee small. This is Miss Lee is a fervent, temper hearted people, after getting married, and his wife together run the home city, it is said that the business has been good. One day, my classmate Li Yan to the store to buy things, when chatting and I talk about the things Li Xiao: brother Li small appliance city no longer operating, not dry, also back hundreds of thousands of bank loans.

The original

, this small Li drink, love to make friends, almost every day to five or six "friends", take three hundred, five hundred, go to a nearby hotel to eat and drink. A few years ago, the business is good, spend these money is nothing, but now the situation is not the same. At the end, Li Xiaoting in a work of Urban Construction Bureau friend said, the county several organs and units will be moved to rebuild, basically passed.

Xiaoxun Li Si, these rich unit reconstruction, is sure to be some high-end appliances, so Li Xiaoma took advantage of manufacturers engaged in promotional activities when the order of several hundred thousand yuan and LCD TV cabinet air conditioners, ready supply. I did not expect that, later, by the impact of national policy, several units of the reconstruction plan was all revoked. As a result, Lee had loan into the purchase of these high-end air conditioning, TV all become a backlog of goods, Li Xiao appliance City turnover has become very nervous.

, however, Li Xiao is still the same as before, often take the money in the store register, three hundred yuan, five hundred yuan of money into the hotel, spend money like water. The second half of this year, Li Xiao rented the house rents and prices, the store’s "old" sell do not move, the new money Youjin not, business is bad, can Li small appliances city, it does not survive.

it makes me feel. The ancient admonition: from frugality is defeated by excessive. Li Jiacheng’s thrift story everyone for having heard it many times. He never pays attention to what brand of clothes and shoes, wearing a suit of more than ten years is a commonplace; 10 pairs of leather shoes with 5 pairs of shoes are old, bad, still make a good wear; it will only watch is 10 minutes fast and ordinary electronic watches for many years in order to catch the time; and a few dollars a bag of cookies can also be a meal. Frugality is the most prominent advantage of successful businessmen.

The larger the size of the

shop, every day in the hands of the funds will be more, the daily use of huge amounts of money, small bills often

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