How small and medium sized dealers to gain a foothold in the market

How small and medium sized dealers to gain a foothold in the market

now, it’s time to tell the story! Guiyang dealer training, beginning as I imagined, dealers scattered applause. I think today’s opening should be in a different way, without pictures without data nor warm greetings, I stood in the front desk is dull, but behind the difficulty I started early ready to start the story.

the following is about the small and medium-sized dealers four kinds of death story, each story has really happened, these customers have abandoned the right to operate the company’s products, even out of the entire lighting industry. In order to protect the privacy of customers, we omitted the dealer’s real name, only the story as a case study, please tell me what you do not.

The story of a beautiful shopping guide:

in a county-level city, but at the same time, dealers do not store owner or government officials, because some things busy on the unit, he took over the business to the store shopping guide. Saying this shopping assistant 28 years young, a born beauty glib tongue, business is done fast, the store sales in only one county-level city has reached about 2 million. The big brother two pocket money into the dealer (side to side with the government wages, shop to earn pours) very happy, but also regarded as their own people in the shopping guide, shot very generous salary bonus everything in the local peer stores are at the top of the list. In his words: I am in or not, the store’s business is the same, even if I can not help in any of the busy, the store mainly by Xiao Zhang (Guide to buy).

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