Xinjiang photovoltaic wind power technology rapid development of electrochemical Xinjiang began to

Xinjiang photovoltaic wind power technology rapid development of electrochemical Xinjiang began to

in our daily life especially in the cold winter and hot summer, the two season is the peak of electricity, but the traditional power mode has not meet the market demand, new energy power generation, has been recognized in the consumer market. The five meeting of the twelve NPC was held in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, this year’s government work report, total fixed asset investment growth of more than 50%, focus on strengthening infrastructure construction work, which, to speed up the "electric Xinjiang" construction.


Autonomous Region People’s Congress, the Xinjiang development and Reform Commission Director Zhang Chunlin said, "Xinjiang is the" Xinjiang electrochemical "gasification" continuation, now, the "audio-visual Xinjiang" than "gasification Xinjiang" lower cost ", specially built pipeline transportation to gasification", and "audio-visual" can make use of the existing power grid facilities, in addition, photovoltaic Xinjiang, wind power technology has made breakthrough progress, greatly reduce the cost per kWh 0.5 yuan, with the progress of technology can gradually lower and lower cost.

electricity is a big advantage in Xinjiang. At present, Xinjiang thermal power installed capacity ranks eighth in the country, wind power, photovoltaic, the first second. Zhang Chunlin said, "electric Xinjiang" itself is a kind of effective way of consumption of electricity, construction, speed up the power transmission channel of all walks of life use, electric energy measures consumption of electricity in short direction is to reduce the area of power transmission and distribution cost, reduce the price, build Xinjiang price advantage.

in the "audio-visual Xinjiang" process, Xinjiang outstanding consumptive PV and wind power at the same time, the development of clean energy, low energy engineering. Zhang Chunlin said, resolutely eliminate 300 thousand kilowatts of thermal power units, and resolutely eliminate small coal mines, in order to achieve the low efficient development of clean energy industry. Electrochemical Xinjiang is not only to promote the development of the power industry, is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce energy consumption. This year, Xinjiang has reduced energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions into the government work report, indicating the determination and confidence to build green Xinjiang.

After the implementation of

Xinjiang, it will effectively reduce the cost of electricity, but also for the protection of the natural environment of Xinjiang is also very useful. At present, Urumqi city has the full implementation of the natural gas heating project, Hami electric taxi, hundreds of cars and zero emission buses, rural lines car road operators, at the same time, Yili – Kuche 750 thousand kV power transmission project officially put into operation, the southern and Northern Xinjiang power, hydropower and photovoltaic. The power supply guarantee, not only opened a high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection electric era, to promote the development in the two or three industry, to promote the transfer of farmers and herdsmen get rich will play an important role.

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