Jewelry ten brands list

Jewelry ten brands list

all the beautiful jewelry, it is dizzying, coupled with changes in economic conditions of the people now, so let the entire jewelry market is in great demand, the birth of a lot of brands. Here, the small series to reveal the ten major jewelry brand rankings, so that people have a more comprehensive understanding of the brand of the market.

ten NO.1 jewelry brand rankings, Neoglory jewelry: one of the biggest fashion jewelry production base in China, won the national Chinese brand, trademark protection, high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang Xinguang jewelry Limited by Share Ltd.

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.2, alas China: one of the largest jewelry chain brand, provide personal care products quality professional for the girl, alas jewelry chain Limited by Share Ltd.

ten jewelry brand rankings, NO.3 stone: from Taiwan, the state protection of trademark, famous trademark in Guangdong Province, the ten gem jewelry brand, most China characteristics of the brand, the stone jewelry Co. ltd..

ten jewelry brand rankings, ITALINA NO.4 ITALINA: one of the premier, the world’s largest jewelry manufacturing and sales enterprises in the field of famous brand, ten jewelry brand, ITALINA Group Co. ltd..

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.5, the popular beauty: Guangzhou famous trademarks, hair accessories / jewelry chain industry leading brands, ten brands of hair – hairpin, Guangzhou fashion beauty fashion business Limited by Share Ltd.

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.6, Jindeli: national protection of trademarks, won the China brand, the national high-tech enterprises, science, industry and trade in one of the group company, Fujian province Jindeli Group Co. ltd..

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.7, winoon China: comprehensive private enterprise integrating design, production and sales as one of the fashion gifts and jewelry, jewelry industry famous brand, Guangzhou winoon China Fashion Jewelry Co. ltd..

accessories ten brands list NO.8, ARTINI Electronics: the domestic leading provider of high-end fashion accessories, well-known jewelry brand jewelry industry, highly reputation and strength of the enterprise, Shenzhen yatianni Hongli Industrial Co. ltd..

accessories ten brands list NO.9, Qisehua: domestic fashion chain industry well-known brands, set product development / design / production / display / promotion authorization to integrated enterprise integration, Qisehua International Co. ltd..

jewelry ten brands list NO.10, Xu >

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