Support a process to allow entrepreneurs to mount with Mercedes Benz in the entrepreneurial road

Support a process to allow entrepreneurs to mount with Mercedes Benz in the entrepreneurial road

venture is always a risk, it can be extended to help someone who is a good thing for entrepreneurs. The West District of Yingkou city to build a variety of entrepreneurial platform to create customized to support a process launched, so that the majority of entrepreneurs can ease off the whip, rapid Benz in innovation and entrepreneurship avenue.

vigorously carry out propaganda, to create a national entrepreneurial atmosphere. In order to encourage and support the majority of urban and rural labor to occupation, self-employed, give full play to promote entrepreneurship employment multiplier effect, the West City Employment Bureau in the district offices, community (Village) take the rich contents, various forms of publicity, publicity of the current centralized national spirit of entrepreneurship policy, a collection of industry related documents and business projects, has achieved certain results.

A is the use of the Employment Bureau of outdoor electronic big screen scrolling entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial training, service information, publicity and entrepreneurial experience, pay attention to publicity, improve the overall linkage, highlighting the focus to create a strong atmosphere of national entrepreneurship.

regularly carry out excellent students to teach entrepreneurship "cheats" and "entrepreneurial story sharing, business projects and other activities, through the" Butler "  business services provide" golden ideas "Enlightenment to the unemployed, further stimulate the region’s pioneering work carried out. Coordination of industry and commerce, taxation, finance and other relevant departments of the business backbone of the establishment of entrepreneurial guidance experts recommend

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