Convenience store display to achieve small and fine

Convenience store display to achieve small and fine

different types, different sizes of shops, although it is also necessary to do a good job shop goods from the display, but the requirements are different. For example, large commercial super large enough to display the need to achieve a complete range of goods, which can give consumers more choices. But for a small convenience store, the requirements are completely different oh.

as a convenience store only about 50 square meters, to make full use of every inch of space, and sometimes can not wait to heap the goods onto the road, but it is easy to form a crowded, messy feeling.

compared to large supermarkets, "no discount" display, "small" and "fine" is the advantage of the convenience store. For example, the most common food, drink, I will be classified according to different consumer groups, put into the "mountain" shape or "fields" shape, such as conspicuous and convenient customer inquiries, a beautiful landscape formed in the shop.

so, despite all the display work, but also need to combine the actual situation of the store, so that the display can really do in place, for the actual operation of help. Therefore, if you are the owner of a convenience store, the store is for the display of the work and worry, then, with a small series of such an introduction, you grasp the essence of the store display it?

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