Shushan District of Hefei will create eco cultural leisure tour

Shushan District of Hefei will create eco cultural leisure tour

when people travel, will think of how convenient, now Hefei city traffic has changed, the thirty gang and Chaohu scenic landscape with a line connected together, let the Hefei District of Shushan city people feel the beauty in the side, when people open flowers in spring feeling beautiful spring.

is reported that the road design project as a large construction project in Hefei 2017-2018, will build a framework for tourism". Including: Yang Lu, peninsula Road, Lake Avenue and beam Minglu connecting section, Nangang – thirty Gang connecting line, Nangang ecological leisure area cross channel and large Shushan canal north, Jimingshan – circular road connecting line, double channel, Hou Tang Bridge Reservoir channel, small East Ring Road, Miao Zhen Xiao Miao Zhen small Miao Zhen central ring road, agricultural park cross channel, Mao Pu Road Design cycle.

Shushan District of Hefei city

to create the most beautiful areas, and to accelerate the development of a number of towns, including the Northwest District of Shushan Jing Gang Town and Nangang Town, small town, Shushan Economic Development Zone has become the focus of the development of the field, and the integration of resources, so that more meaningful self driving travel has become the focus of people’s travel.

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