Baidu browser launched the beta browser domestic market competition

Baidu browser launched the beta browser domestic market competition

webmaster admin5.com7 18 news: in June 15 Baidu mobile phone browser official beta, had been the corporate beta Baidu PC browser can access the official website of the official ( At present, Baidu browser official website page and not only gives notice, Baidu browser beta download link. In July 6th, Baidu browser official Sina micro-blog said Baidu browser will open beta, please stay tuned. The official website officially opened, marking the Baidu mobile phone browser recently is likely to start the beta for the majority of Internet users.



from the previous beta version of Baidu browser Beta1.0 revealed information and screenshots of the Baidu browser built-in built-in APP application, the default is "Baidu" on this page, this page is the integration of music, video, books, novels, games, SNS, shopping, and other daily use tools, and support Baidu account login. With the popular application integration platform for Baidu, the user touch of a button; the sandbox security technology to the user computer and Trojan virus isolation; smart address bar fusion of Baidu search technology; interface design is simple and easy operation and other characteristics of several. Baidu started in last year’s Baidu Baidu World 2010 conference officially open platform strategy, Baidu browser can be regarded as an important product of Baidu open platform, Baidu will rely on the open platform of Box Computing concept, the integration of Baidu search application platform to play the role, to provide excellent Internet browser experience for Internet users, help users push all kinds of touch the quality of information and entertainment services.

2010 domestic Internet is set off a burst of open air. Baidu, 360, Sina, micro-blog, Alibaba, Tencent, several Internet giants also made their own open concept. Domestic Internet open platform has been involved in SNS, micro-blog, e-commerce, mobile Internet, search engines, browsers in various fields. Last week, the latest version of the integration of Tencent QQ client QQ2011 Beta3 launched its desktop open platform, with the help of IM portal to provide users with a variety of applications. The browser as the entrance of Internet users, is no longer a simple tool, in the future will carry more products and services. The contention of a hundred schools of thought browser market, the giants have force to seize the browser market, the more traffic into the user. Baidu browser launch, will make the domestic browser market competition is more intense, and accelerate the process of browser platform. The future of the browser, will become a new open platform to meet the needs of a deeper level of Internet users. (text / Yang Yang)


latest news, Baidu browser official website has been officially opened download.

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