One yuan brings CN domain development opportunities

One yuan brings CN domain development opportunities

      in the ten anniversary of the establishment of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China’s national domain name.CN has gone through the development of the public to the history of the past ten years. As China Internet from scratch, embark on a glorious road, CN domain ten years of trials and hardships, but also made brilliant achievements. What is the relationship between the development of the national domain name and the development of China’s Internet? National domain name development should follow what kind of law?

with this problem, the reporter interviewed the German domain name registration agency DENIC current generation CEO Mr. Andreas Baess. As a leader in the national top-level domain DENIC ranked first in the world, the Germans and many years of experience and the China friendly accepted an interview with reporters, in an international perspective, inspired CN domain development road.

German experts talk about the national top-level domain name

"domain name for its strategic significance of Internet resources, the beginning of the interview before, allow all doubt" Andreas Baess solemn statement to reporters, the development of a country’s national top-level domain, represents the development level of the country’s Internet economy.

Germany is currently the country’s top domain name.DE registration has exceeded 10 million, which for a number of Internet users only about 30000000 of the country, which means that each of the 3 Internet users have a domain name. This is the Andreas Baess where the emboldened, a national top-level domain, like a mirror, reflecting the face of the internet.

country domain name snowball development

look at the whole world, the country has a better application of its own domain name Germany, Britain, Holland, etc., the scale and application of Internet users are in the forefront of the first place in Germany is more prominent. For the German national top-level domain gratifying results, An-dreas Baess believes that the domain development requires an accumulation from weak to strong, like a snowball, and accumulated to a certain stage, will face a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.

to the German domain name.DE, for example, as early as 1988,.DE as the country’s top domain name was registered. After a slow stage of development, until October 1999, the domain name was able to break through the registration of millions of years, after two years of explosive growth, to the end of 2001 soared to 5 million 100 thousand. To break the 5 million mark DE domain name begins with a 1 million annual rate rose steadily, and break 10 million mark in mid 2006, the final ranking first in the world.

promotion practices internationally recognized

Andreas Baess affirmed the popularity of CN domain 1 yuan experience activities on the popularity of Internet users. By reducing the price of the domain name, to guide more Internet users experience, the application of the national top-level domain name, is an international practice, the domain name

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