Micro blog first case settled in Jinshan Jinshan

Micro blog first case settled in Jinshan Jinshan

Jinshan and 360 between the first case of micro-blog officially come to an end. Reporters learned yesterday, Beijing Kingsoft sued Zhou Hongyi for defamation case made a final decision, the court verdict, Zhou Hongyi released on May 2010 by micro-blog has the obvious property of a malicious slander, defamation, shall be deleted in micro-blog, and issued a statement of apology in the micro-blog home page, an apology to the Beijing Kingsoft Corp to make public.

It is reported that

, the 360 and Jinshan feud in 2010, then 360 in the micro-blog chairman Zhou Hongyi declared Beijing Kingsoft Corp in the "dot" case of perjury and, subsequently, the Beijing Kingsoft Corp Zhou Hongyi court, filed a lawsuit against its reputation.

2011, the judgment of Zhou Hongyi constitute defamation, and the judgment of its public apology, eliminate the impact, while compensation for economic loss of 50 thousand yuan. This is the first time since the emergence of micro-blog as a new media micro-blog speech caused infringement cases, it is known as the first case of micro-blog".

2013, Beijing Jinshan software and Zhou Hongyi’s reputation right litigation to the second instance. Beijing Kingsoft believes that Zhou Hongyi in the micro-blog Kingsoft Corp "accused of perjury", "collateral" and "calculation" micro company statements constitute infringement.

July 22nd, the court made a final ruling on the case: the 7 micro-blog confirmed that Zhou Hongyi remarks constitute defamation of Beijing Jinshan software, since the effect from the date of the decision, and asked Zhou Hongyi to stop infringement, delete the relevant micro-blog articles; within 10 days from the effective date of the decision, Zhou Hongyi in the Sina micro-blog, micro-blog NetEase the front page of micro-blog for 7 consecutive days, the Sohu issued a statement of apology, an apology to Beijing, Jinshan software to make public to eliminate the influence; and compensation for economic loss of 50 thousand yuan in Beijing Jinshan software.

for this judgment, 360 official did not respond formally. But 360 said, from the court, does not show that Jinshan has no responsibility in the "dot" case, "the court finds Zhou Hongyi there is no evidence that the Kingsoft Corp in Beijing" micro case "of" public relations ", only the subjective speculation." 360 stakeholders said.

in recent years, a "war" between 360 and the number of Internet Co, and thus into many lawsuits, but mostly in 360 failed, even the media said the 360 since 2010 has been the "twelve straight", although this statement is not accurate, but the recent 360 and between Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan many other companies are really losing lawsuit.

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