Online travel from China Brokeback failed to sell the shell off travel

Online travel from China Brokeback failed to sell the shell off travel

– after the failure to sell the shell off travel

– gztc for debt to China

two years ago China and travel deals to shake up the online travel industry, mergers and acquisitions, more than two years, China has been operating for nearly ten years of lawsuits, the travel also announced in July 20th closing. And gztc is at stake disputes lawsuit eclink, its downstream network itself off "Brokeback", what gourd sell what medicine


according to the new Express newspaper reporter learned exclusively, travel is not simply closed, currently gztc have to follow the court notice, for travel gztc owed approximately ten million yuan of debt. And the formation of the debt is the year of China CEO Wu Zhihui caused by the use of authority. It is reported that yesterday, the first batch of travel of staff severance pay has been paid down. However, gztc and eclink lawsuit, gztc shareholders of South of the Five Ridges group and China’s case is still deadlocked.

China had planned to sell travel

the new express reporter learned from informed sources, before the net travel clearance closed in May of this year, China had planned to travel to sell, was in talks with hna. But later, due to easy lawsuit and other issues, did not achieve the acquisition of hainan. But China also chose to shut down travel.

express reporter yesterday came to the field sports west and construction of building Guangdong Netcom Business Advisory Services Limited, office staff has been scanty and reporters found that the company reception next door, for a glass door apart office, write "construction powerhouse, no admittance, indoor placed a stack of chairs and tables, seemingly for the operator work place, the receptionist told reporters, now the rest of the operators have been less than half of the original. Reporters then call the travel service hotline 4006840068, hit two times after the operator answering, the operator said that the travel has stopped all include air tickets, hotels, car rental business.

express reporter then learned that the top travel has been left, and yesterday a eclink turnover staff told reporters, in fact she was to have feelings, the development of the company is also good, and the travel of the parent company China official had told the media said, in the official business before, travel tickets and Hotel bookings compared with last year also in the same incremental level.

gztc eclink debt to

According to the understanding of

, founded in 2003 by the Beijing travel, foreign aviation service company to set up investment, while Beijing foreign aviation service company by Air China and foreign enterprise service group jointly set up. March 17, 2009. General equity financing transactions, a wholly owned acquisition of travel, therefore, China paid 5 million yuan in cash and 1 million 561 thousand and 306 shares of listed companies to swim. According to China news, as of the end of 2007, total profit of travel is 870>

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