Education class Taobao pain points Technology OK but do not understand the education industry

Education class Taobao pain points Technology OK but do not understand the education industry


internet education class venture suddenly hot up.

Internet language learning community with the sound of the network Yu Shibo observed:

the summer of 2011 so far, is the stage of the online education products and a frenzy, there are several important time node of this round of Frenzy: October 2011, March 2012, July 2012, September 2012. Not only the YY education, and is more than open platform, transmission network class, an Boqi under pregnant without the bole, and some of the vertical field of online teaching products, major changes and iterative operation time, almost all concentrated in the vicinity of the number of nodes.

heat is

in the conversation with the tiger sniffing the network, so that the analysis of the reasons for the online education entrepreneurship sudden heat:

1, capital intends.

the United States in the field of venture capital up, naturally affect the domestic venture capital to judge this area. But the major difference is that the project is a significant part in higher education market, had previously introduced in cooperation with the elite schools such as tiger sniffing Coursera but due to the domestic policy aspect, the entrepreneur basically only to seek higher education beyond the market space, and the lack of brand and the resources of the school, will undoubtedly increase the leveraging the Internet education market more difficult.

Enlightenment of

2 and YY education.

YY education in June 2011 on the line, a few months on the development of the monthly activity of millions of users, it is exciting. Several entrepreneurs in the future to do educational projects, are drawing on its product form. Chuan class network founder Wang Feng indirectly confirmed this point, he said: YY education and online education reflects the part to meet the market demand, but with the deepening of online education, the need for better products and services to provide a complete set of market.

of course, this two years to increase bandwidth, the more popular video, online education is undoubtedly a positive driving force.

widely, there are various forms of Internet Entrepreneurship Education (article, please tiger sniffing a teacher made him feel on the preliminary experience of different products, and form) and "Taobao" or "Tmall" platform mode, time is similar to the similar entrepreneurial two online education platform has two: Bayesian network and pass class network. (both 2011 registered companies in)

media people Cheng Lingfeng once praised YY voice into a user to promote everyone era, advocate YY made in the field of education C2C, Taobao in the brains of the local copy.

yes, it’s great to make a Taobao in the field of education. But in reality, education C2C in the real arrival of Taobao before, still need to turn over a few heavy mountains. We combined with the exploration of the sample pass class more than see.

mode is still groping


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