nternet era how to achieve redistribution of educational resources

nternet era how to achieve redistribution of educational resources

the country’s more famous university campus, has been the first to achieve the demolition of the wall before the government and private housing, although some walls are still in, but we can freely enter and exit. Only in some of the tourists are really difficult to disturb the school, will set up some restrictions on visitors. For example, a university cafeteria is not allowed to receive cash, you can only brush the student card, so visitors are usually with the presence of the student card to eat, but the students have a greater impact.

when I walk in two schools in Chongqing hogye University City, Sichuan and significant, but did not feel that the restrictions on visitors. On the contrary, two schools for the tourists pour in to take a very open and cooperative attitude. Sichuan friendly to introduce visitors to the best viewing location of the rape, and the major is the establishment of a children’s room at the botanical garden nearby, let those noisy children a place to play, but parents can enjoy the beautiful scenery, do not have to worry about kids pick flowers. I told the students have confirmed it, results show that the bear children really is for tourists’ special development, not in order to meet the demand of the faculty. The sincerity of this open campus is moved.

however, as has been pretending to be a passer-by for directions of students to accept me, I may have on campus with student related resources are more interested in, but I certainly cannot go into now two school library. The library must have a student ID card to enter. The students and the students need to direct credit card, student registration certificate number. These schools between the library, basically are lack of coordination, the library management system is different, can not be cross borrowed, it may cause the repetition of.

in addition, covering the entire school’s wireless network, also need to use student ID and password registration. This reminds me of the campus network in Beijing, the National People’s Congress not only need to use student ID registration, and even students are not free to use.

in May 2014, I went to New York to participate in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, had to go to the venue on the way home, passing the campus of New York University". This school is to built directly on the street blocks, not surrounded by the campus is known, any possibility of a commercial upstairs just walk by torches, graphics and NYU three words of the flag, it means this is the New York University’s assets. Can search to the wireless network signal school’s here, and the local education department under the intercollegiate sharing wireless network signal. The latter can be used in any university student card or staff login credentials.

now, the basic education in the United States, the general curriculum and general education, is as far as possible to abandon the paper textbooks, using electronic classroom; at the same time will be the children’s files from paper to electronic version, made of various estimates correcting homework and students online. Electronic lesson plans can be retrieved and archived, as well as the formation of various forms of reporting. In the course of the electronic curriculum, teachers and students on the occasion

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