The four offshore center China nternet Corporation PK love the Cayman slands

The four offshore center China nternet Corporation PK love the Cayman slands

at present, foreign direct investment (ODI) has been close to the China foreign direct investment (FDI), Chinese enterprises going out of the growing momentum of a trend which cannot be halted; high net worth individuals (HNWI) groups are also put forward higher requirements for offshore wealth management. In this context, the benefits of offshore jurisdictions can not be ignored.

"enterprises in the ‘going out’, will be based on a number of factors to choose offshore jurisdictions. Excellent service quality, perfect infrastructure and legal system are the most important." OIL group managing director Kihoton (Jonathon Clifton) in an interview with the first financial daily interview, said, compared with reasonable tax avoidance, the quality is always ranked first. For example, if there is a conflict of interest between shareholders, the company certainly hope that the offshore jurisdictions can have a wealth of experience in dealing with legal disputes. Therefore, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands (BVI) is still the most popular."

latest OIL sixth annual research report shows that the offshore industry is an important channel for the effective flow of investment capital to the international market. In the past six years, OIL has been China global respondents Hongkong, Singapore, BVI and the Cayman Islands as the four "most important" offshore jurisdiction. The Cayman Islands is subject to a number of U.S. listed Internet companies China.

according to statistics, over the past 10 years (2004 ~ 2014), Baidu, Alibaba, phoenix new media, Youku, Qihoo 360, little sheep and at least 14 known company has registered in the Cayman Islands, one is for listing, two is for the convenience of tax avoidance and international capital operation.

In addition,

, one of the main demand side China background foreign hedge funds and offshore jurisdictions, a fund manager said on the "First Financial Daily", "particularly in favor of the Cayman islands." The background of China offshore hedge fund refers to the mainland background in overseas investment management team (mainly Hongkong, Singapore and China Cayman etc.) the registration operation of hedge funds, these funds in addition to the investment in Hongkong and even global market, also involves a variety of foreign exchange derivatives, etc..

reported that the hedge funds are mainly invested in foreign or Chinese listed in Hongkong, with the Chinese concept of the company. Choose to invest in overseas listed companies China, one of the reasons is because the private company itself is more familiar with the China mainland enterprises, on the other hand, because these China overseas funds can play "China concept" in raising funds to foreign investors of brand marketing. With Jingdong, the United States, Ali and other Chinese companies listed in the United States, many investors began to focus on how to share the good capital brought about by these companies, China overseas fund is a better way to participate.

Kihoton told reporters: "the reason why BVI and the Cayman Islands are the most famous and major global offshore jurisdictions, the reason lies in the perfect legal system; if you >

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