The moment when the green ribbon moves

The moment when the green ribbon moves

14:31 on May 19th

Admin5 station network by graph king led all the staff of the organization issued a symbol of "green ribbon, cherish life and family" in Pengcheng square, get a lot of public support.

Blue ribbon

"green ribbon" originated in the United States Bridgs ms.. In May 12, 2008 the "Wenchuan earthquake", "green ribbon" advocated by people again in this time! People in the Wenchuan earthquake disaster period, when the people of Guizhou to follow the "green ribbon action" raised the green ribbon praying for the victims, launched the "green ribbon" pray for the earthquake donations and so on, a small green belt so to the compatriots of the people in the disaster areas thousands on thousands of blessings, so China people love more than one billion hang together


during the issuance of green ribbon, there are many enthusiastic people of Xuzhou asking for money, because Admin5 is a non-governmental organization, not accepting donations, to encourage citizens to donate directly to the sum to the Red Cross and other public organizations. Many times in the interpretation of Admin5, many people give up the idea of donations. But there is still an unnamed, about thirty years old middle-aged man directly will be 200 yuan of money to our staff turned away.

this is our editor to his real dialogue.

Admin5 editor: you will donate money to us, do you have any idea?

enthusiastic citizens: I just want to donate money to the people who need the disaster area in Sichuan.

Admin5 editor: you so trust us, will the money into our hands, do you know in advance whether Admin5 Adsense nets?

people: Although I do not know your website, but I believe you this event, we will be able to make donations to help disaster victims, a little power, together to help the victims should be.

Admin5 editor: Thank you very much for your trust in us. We will be the fastest time to transfer the money to the Red Cross, and the remittance credentials and the return of the Red Cross proof of the public in the admin5.

will publish the above dialogue, not to show off what, just want to tell the people in disaster areas, told the public, in many organizations, organizations for donations and individuals, also there are some unknown to the public, selfless dedication of the people. They don’t care about their names are being told, they are just a simple thought for a disaster into their own meager strength. Although 100 or less than $200, but it may be his 14 life.

  the old man since 5.12, has not been able to put aside the radio can listen to the disaster area at any time, as a member of the green ribbon is giving him a green ribbon. (pictured Zhu Binxian shooting, reproduced please indicate the source)

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