Some thoughts on domain name investment

Some thoughts on domain name investment

Admin5 launched the domain name auction today is second days, the scene is unusually hot, interested friends may wish to join in the fun. QQ group number 11307927

Only from the perspective of domain name

to look at a few meters, Baidu, Admin5, ylmf, Baidu, stationmaster net, rain forest maple, the three meters of the value can be said to be greatly reduced, is estimated to have ten million people to buy Baidu now, Lee is not willing to sell.


meters less, but this is not to say that there is no market, those with the domain name registration tool registration meter estimation most to abortion, no market, but we can consider the domain name investment activities from the angle of Jack, some time ago to sell a meter register less than a month, with the value of 2300 sold out, hao67, because at that time do game website more, think that someone will do this game site with rice, the fact that the meter is bought is really to play games.

this is just an example, often see the forum to sell meters of friends once sold dozens of meters, there is not much value. Domain itself has no value, to be linked to the site will be valuable, may wish to consider the needs of the site from the point of view.

friends share several meters of terminal investment ideas, welcome paizhuan.

1 enterprise domain, more and more enterprises need to do to promote their business, may wish to take a look at what the enterprise may website, we will help them to a domain name registration. Earn a little money to sell a few hundred thousand yuan is also on the line, the day before yesterday at a friend’s article said, watching TV when love watching ads, see what products the domain name is not registered, the market should be very small, but can still refer to.

2 where the domain name, domain name registration code when the local digital Cai Wensheng are now valuable. In fact, the market did not feel personal excavation finished, and explore the value of local station can be divided into many categories, by way of industry code + domain name registration, it should still have a blank point.

radio 3 radio frequency domain, is basically fixed, such as 101.8 MHz FM1018 what, then the domain name has value, time for network promotion in the radio to believe that they will settle on the m.

this is just a few simple examples, in the domain name investment, the need to consider the domain name, rational analysis. Do not blindly registered more than one meter, the domain name is not much investment in the fine!

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