Explain how the novice novice operators should start their first step

Explain how the novice novice operators should start their first step

in early 2013, when WeChat sellers circle of friends like a raging fire period, because a lot of friends in WeChat is wholesalers, China turned some of their products in the first, the main selling watches and big goods. In order to make their products have an intuitive understanding of their own to buy a lot, and later found that this model is not ideal. After the analysis found that there are two main reasons.

first, the agent level cumbersome, very poor communication. I don’t know my home is the agent or by the manufacturer, anyway, everybody says they are manufacturers. If the replacement or return it often happens, not the style number is wrong, is not to return after the news.

second, the first money after the goods, there is no guarantee. Have a bunch of friends bought a Burberry small coat (which is a circle of friends, then want to make money is to sell goods) when a friend wearing, found a small cotton overcoat out of feeling. They mistook the number, and then through coordination, there also promised to return. But when I put my clothes back on the other post, didn’t look at me, then analysis found that many of them are not manufacturers, are in Guangzhou, if you have to return the money, few businesses will return back to you in the back and forth logistics ten days.

Of course, the first contact with the

derivative, I was devastated to lose money in the end, I once thought that the sellers circle of friends as a sunset industry. But 14 years have changed the whole circle of friends mask fire, poison mask until April this year, the exposure of the whole circle of friends is not a small blow, all the friends began selling other products, it gave me a lot of inspiration. So I began to second micro business, the following to share with you my experience.

1, analysis of the situation

the whole 14 years, micro business circle of friends told the importance of the ninety percent female mask, but also cultivate a large number of people using the mask habits, so now this group of women will continue to be used, they lack is a safe and reliable and genuine goods at a fair price of a product.

2, its own advantages

I have a sister in Japan, we all know that Japanese goods are very strict, and my sister told a story, working in a meat company just went to Japan, is responsible for the meat package, because just one work did not wear a mask, so the package the set of all ten meat thrown into the dustbin. The Japanese are so strict, so the Japanese local products to the people’s feeling is not fake, it is also true. So I put the product to the localization of the Japanese Kose mask, because my sister has been in use, I have tried, the effect is good, the price is much cheaper than the domestic.

3, inferiority analysis

logistics is my headache, Japan to the domestic economy two boxes of 5 pieces of SAL logistics Kose mask to freight to 60 yuan freight. This adds to the cost

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