Baidu post bar does not sell it but the user can be hurt to save it

Baidu post bar does not sell it but the user can be hurt to save it

days ago, the media reported that the exposure of a Baidu internal mail display, Baidu has begun to Post Bar official products offline processing, and the relevant reports on the science and technology Tencent, Baidu confirmed the authenticity of the news.


Baidu responded that experience to enhance the quality of the content and user Post Bar, July 7th Baidu Post Bar stop operation cooperation within the validity period of the original contract generation operation Post Bar, after the expiration of the contract will be closed in the commercial operation function of it. Baidu also said that it will stick to optimize the relevant operating and regulatory mechanisms to effectively improve the management of it, to better serve the user, and the industry to build a good ecological content.

at the beginning of January this year, Baidu’s Post Bar hemophilia sell it sparked a huge controversy, caught in the vortex of public opinion in the then Baidu publicly responded that Baidu Post Bar all kind of disease, a full cessation of commercial cooperation, open only to the authority of public organization. Now the internal mail display, non-standard products Post Bar channel official now, games / sports / animation category, official star, vertical bar, bar bar area involved in the transfer of authority and relevant custom permissions are immediate termination of sale.

lasted two years of Post Bar commercialization attempt, and finally stop acting on behalf of the operation of a full stop.

Post Bar, once considered a Baidu called "great" products, relying on the Internet Chinese maximum flow entrance, with search engine seamless docking, allowing users to create a keyword and a low threshold based on community interest. However, this good product in terms of commercialization, but it has not been the action, since the birth of the first 12 years has been in a state of loss…… until 2014.

but now we know, this just two years of commercial exploration is almost irreversible damage to the Post Bar user experience, but also directly to Baidu Post Bar to all questions and chaos.

Baidu post bar, the person in charge Lu Fubin said in an interview with the media, Baidu is in the end of the third quarter of 2014, the first meeting to consider the post bar to explore the commercialization of.

and in what is known as the post bar commercialization of the first year in 2015, Baidu post bar is the first to launch the stick partner model, to open their own business or personal vertical field paste the right to operate. In July 17th of the same year, Baidu post bar also announced the official launch of the enterprise platform strategy, through the open Post Bar official, for enterprises, institutions, media and other fans to build community.

has engaged in Post Bar generation operation of users have to "Securities Daily" said, Post Bar generation operation mode, "according to the official price, the right to operate the price is the lowest 30 thousand yuan per year, on behalf of the operators of the lowest price is 60 thousand yuan per year." However, in the Tencent report revealed that Baidu Post Bar realized speed, size and price in 2014 and in 2015 did not meet expectations, sales staff is difficult to promote, less bonus issues.

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