Chen 5 years since the first word Chen why transformation and retreat

Chen 5 years since the first word Chen why transformation and retreat


tiger sniffing note: Chen Tianqiao spoke. In a recent interview, he details his 4 years of "overseas study road" grand and grand holdings of gains and losses, the 5 years of the investment assets carried out. This article comes from 10% companies, there are exclusions.

text / Yan Pengfei

, although each stage will have different views, but the biggest thing is a big but low-key low-key." April 25th, Chen Tianqiao, chairman of the board of directors of Shanda in Singapore, CEO, said in a video connection with 10% companies.

41 year old Chen Tianqiao explained that the arrogance is because it has been founded for only a matter of doing the right thing, but the so-called low-key, he did not accept any interviews in the past 5 years in the past 15 years.

from 31 years old to become the richest man in China, to the low-key now, the outside world seems to have been the limelight Chen Tianqiao. Chen Tianqiao said with a smile, he according to his plan, step back, and tell yourself is not omnipotent, give a person who will steal the show.

others through some changes in the past to determine the grand grand change, people have asked what Chen Tianqiao was thinking? In fact, since the beginning of 2009, Shanda has decided to turn to the Internet innovation Invest-holding Company, recently, company executives met intensively, the focus is on the discussion of what the next 15 years, has spent two or three weeks time, but in some conceptual problems, there is no conclusion." Chen Tianqiao revealed.

Chen Tianqiao for the Shanghai new round of state owned enterprise reform are also interested, "we are very keen to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai, but the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai have the principle, steps and programs of their own, if there is the best chance, no chance will continue to pay attention to."

in August last year, the independent directors of the Shanghai group’s Oriental Pearl Tower has invited Chen Tianqiao as the company’s.

4 years of overseas visits: grand business stagnation have lost have

in 2010, Chen has an overseas office location: Singapore, he also began to study abroad, and now about half a year to stay in Singapore and overseas visits.

Chen Tianqiao said, "this is my initiative to leave, Shanda 10 years before, I have been responsible for the specific operation unavoidably, but not a lasting a hundred years of development of the enterprise, 2009 Shanda identified Investment Holdings, business of the subsidiary’s board of directors, CEO is responsible for the daily operation and management, and linked with the assessment of their. But in Shanghai, I can not be completed, I have tried, I can not really complete a holding enterprise and management team to complete the separation."

and another reason is that Chen hopes to expand international perspective. Chen Tianqiao explained that China’s Internet companies are very lucky, the market is very large and policy protection, but Chinese companies never

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