Buy Hongkong host’s attention Hongkong host may want to synchronize with the domestic DC

Buy Hongkong host’s attention Hongkong host may want to synchronize with the domestic DC

latest additions, information provided by the cloud cube network IDC:

loose, you contact a IDC know too much, more is to guess.

1, Ali cloud their lines with a straight line because of a few China Telecom expensive telecommunication lines of at least 600 yuan cost price, they use more Hongkong local bandwidth cheap enough, so once the flow to the backbone line, broadband full Ping value is high is normal.

2, because they had been attacked by the United States or Canada traction line so the whole section of the cloud host cannot access the Internet. The high Ping value are very normal.

here is the text:

first-hand Insider: Hongkong host to synchronize with the domestic IDC.

The latest addition to

, another cloud cube information provided by friends after reading this article, said some truth.

what is this: two days ago I sponsored a IDC VPS (due to requirements of anonymous) with Lu Songsong said, Ali cloud, Tencent cloud server problems, usually hosted in Hongkong the server bandwidth lines to bypass the United States into china.

Ali cloud forum has a lot of users reflect their purchase of Hongkong server Ping response time is very slow.

can be seen from the graph, the average speed of the webmaster who bought the Hongkong server Ping in the 300ms, and even the phenomenon of overtime.

under normal circumstances, unless the occasional GFW hinder, the bandwidth of Hongkong directly received by the China Telecom, China Unicom, domestic access is very fast, and there is no obstacle to interoperability issues. The recent was uncharacteristically such problems, there must be a reason why.

According to

said: Hongkong is the only point Chinese can connect internet. Country, has begun to organize Hongkong, and now we have to force Hongkong to write a letter of guarantee. This is the 2 giants, have fled to the United States to Rao Yiquan, hitting Hongkong, immediately to the user, with the domestic synchronization, otherwise, are not connected to the China Telecom, China Unicom China.

this message has not been announced, and perhaps this is the same as the Google service is the same product, perhaps over two days and no matter what the policy is not to say. But for sure, the host in Hongkong and abroad, will be more or less similar problems.

this is the cause, Ali, Tencent, Rao to the United States, the reasons for returning home.

policy, to change.

source: Lu Lu blog, reprint please keep the source!

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