DEDECMS exposed major vulnerabilities can get the highest management authority to remind the owners

DEDECMS exposed major vulnerabilities can get the highest management authority to remind the owners

A5 webmaster network February 20th news yesterday, Tencent computer housekeeper news release, said there is a major domestic well-known tool site security vulnerabilities. Recently, DEDECMS5.7 and previous versions of exposed serious vulnerabilities, get the website backstage top management right recently can exploit the vulnerability, and the previous version of DEDECMS5.7 exposed serious flaws, to obtain the highest management authority website can use this loophole, view any data or add malicious files, the current version of DEDECMS has to fix the vulnerability, but most sites did not upgrade play this patch, housekeeper reminder webmaster timely upgrade version of DEDECMS to repair the vulnerability of


it is understood that there are more than 350 thousand sites are using DEDECMS or DEDECMS based core development, product installation has reached 950 thousand. Due to the nature of open source DEDECMS, mainstream website development tools but also for personal use Adsense, therefore also by hackers extra attention, frequently exposed major security vulnerabilities. Use DEDECMS to focus on improving safety awareness, in addition to timely update the latest version of the product, but also to check the security of the site in a timely manner, while the use of domestic mainstream security products to prevent. (Wen /A5)

Zhi Meng (PHP open source website content management system):

dedecms drive (PHP open source web content management system).

lwash (DedeCms) in a simple, practical, open source is known, is a PHP open source website management system is the use of the most well-known, most users of the PHP CMS system. DedeCms free version of the main target users locked in personal webmaster, function is more focused on the construction of personal sites or small and medium portals, of course, there are many enterprises and users in the use of the system. A content management system (DedeCms) architecture based on PHP+MySQL technology, fully open source architecture with strong stability, so you either do a small site plan at present, still want to make a web site in the growing after system can still obtain scalability is fully guaranteed.


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