How the site of small and medium sized enterprises through viral marketing success

How the site of small and medium sized enterprises through viral marketing success

of small and medium-sized enterprises whether it is money, or platform, resources, and large enterprises are unable to compete, the current economic environment is king of resources, channel is king, the successful enterprise is not master of small and medium-sized enterprises envy resources and channels. So, in these small and medium-sized enterprises is difficult to blaze a new trail, but the small and medium-sized enterprise if the use of tricks, found at the gap, drilling gap, often also can survive in the cracks.

for small and medium enterprises, how to make the mass information, enterprise information, product information presented in front of customers, viral marketing is a good choice to do viral marketing for small and medium enterprises is to break a piece of heaven and earth weapons.

one, choose an effective marketing carrier

small and medium enterprises to do viral marketing, if you provide a valuable article, video, e-books, a card, a skin care card, a humorous story, a free download game program, as long as you can just perfect, can achieve good results.

for example, you can choose a high ratings program intercepted a video uploaded to Youku, potatoes, Sohu and other major video sites, in the video of the information, the label embedded enterprise information, products. Of course, in the choice of video as far as possible with the company’s information, product related content, enhance the relevance of both. If the conditions can also with some fans, studio and personal cooperation creation video screen, use them to promote the release of course, the enterprise if conditional word can also be combined with products and services, creating humorous video, FLASH sketch, one of the many Internet users often love the contents of an excellent works often spread among many users. In this process, the viewer not only appreciate the contents of the screen, but also will notice the information in the site of the work, so as to achieve the purpose of brand communication. For example, a production enterprise created a video "toilet toilet Chronicles" in the video behind embedded enterprise information and products, good marketing effect.

can also provide a valuable article, an e-book in Baidu library, Douding network archive website free for users to download, with enterprise, product information, corporate website etc. at the end of the article. There are many enterprises to customers send a valuable data, which comes with the information of the products or service information, these are currently many companies commonly used viral marketing mode.

two, select the appropriate marketing channels

the past two years, the rise of micro-blog, so many people also use micro-blog viral marketing, many enterprises through cooperation with powerful fans of micro-blog, product information posted on its micro-blog, for example, I often can not afford to hurt IQ in joke to see micro-blog in product promotion. There are a lot of people using the forward prize, lottery form forward together popularity, these are one form of viral marketing.

of course

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