26 classic letters of the world domain name COM

26 classic letters of the world domain name COM

The letter

domain because of its short enough on the market at home and abroad are more popular, especially the number less, folded letter domain name is highly sought after today, a combination of 26 English letter domain name, many of them or be concerned and or be used, especially in some short 2 character.Com stack alphabet domain name loved by the users, the global 26 English letters, 2 character.Com stack of letter names only 26, is the 2 letter domain names which digital short name, precious registered so far, these domain names are like that of




: the world’s 26 letters.Com domain name application

This 26

2 letter fold digital domain registration period in 1990-1998 years, the domain name age more than 10 years ago, can be seen from the figure, the 26 fold 2 character letter.Com domain name, the domain name is only 2 in the country, the other 24 names are overseas, 5 domain names in the parking state, 4 a domain name is not enabled, the other 15 domains or enable or forwarding.

in the 24.Com 2 letters stack domain, domestic users are most familiar with Tencent qq.com and YY voice yy.com, qq.com domain name registration in 1995, the domain name registered in 1998, the domain name in overseas users, in 2003, the Tencent Inc and the qq.com purchased from abroad, when rumors domain trading price of $1 million, yy.com the domain name registered in January 1994, after several hands, eventually play the company win, after the domain name should be in the company’s YY voice platform.

in addition, in foreign countries 15 2 character.Com fold domain names which, there are also some domestic users "familiar" domain name, domain name such as mm.com, mm is the unit mm, is also the network language meaning "beauty", registered in 1994, the mm.com Department of overseas network service platform and domain name, recently reported Johnson group 125 the anniversary of jj.com bought JJ in addition to Johnson & the Johnson acronym, is a Chinese singer JJ Lin English, or sister network language.

26 English letter.Com stack are in the mainstream.Com domain name domain name flourishing, the 26 letters.Net/.info/.org stack other suffixes are registered early empty, domestic.Cn domain name on 2003 officially open registration, the 26 and 2 letter names in most stacked characters end registration, such as qq.com.cn (Tencent registered in 2004 hold), oo.cn registered in 2003.

in addition to these have been applied domain names, 5 parked in the domain name: dd.com, kk.com, pp.com, vv.com and xx.com is also worthy of attention, the 4 not >

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