Amoy motto do nineteen rules for Taobao customers

Amoy motto do nineteen rules for Taobao customers

now has a lot of friends opened their own shop or do Taobao customers at the same time, it should be how to promote their own shop, how to make their own shops every day there are many punk door, small details, I will help you up to do Taobao customer experience, hope everybody it can be very good for their own shops bring traffic and the credibility of


1 shop page to do.

2 to go to community learning experience.

3 want to often online


4 often forum post and reply to other people’s posts, so that the urgent need of people.

5 to highlight the characteristics of their own baby.

6 to determine the stability of the purchase channels.

7 takes advantage of Taobao’s resources.

8 with a positive attitude to face our achievements and problems.

9 deal with baby pictures.

10 detailed product description.

11 to observe and analyze the relationship between the shelf time and the amount of browsing.

12 do your own map.

13 familiar with Taobao.

14 want to do, learn to use.

15 clear store location.

16 do not sum up the sales experience and find their own problems.

17 very good understanding of their goods information.

18 replacement with seasonal replacement.

19 note baby keywords.

I say are relatively simple, I believe that we are smart people, can understand thoroughly. Taobao shop needs to be patient, hard-working, tireless wear resistance, twenty-nine days without a guest does not matter, as long as you can adhere to the thirtieth day will be harvested. More or less, but it does not mean that you are in vain, because you have done, and done well, it is further away from success.

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